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Welcome to Eddie Eats Out
The only restaurant review site for dogs

Hi It's Eddie- The Dog


Eddie Eats Out is a site that I created so that I can review restaurants for my friends.

Yes, I am a dog. But I have feelings and opinions too. My parents take me to restaurants all the time and sometimes I enjoy myself and sometimes I don't have fun. Sometimes I feel welcome and sometimes I do not. Sometimes the staff is courteous to me and sometimes they are not. Sometimes I like the food and sometimes I do not. Check out My Picks!


I love going out to all these new places, and I really love it when people come and pet me and give me treats, and I love it when I get my picture taken when I'm on a new adventure!  I also love seeing pictures of old friends and new friends when they go out to eat too!  I especially like when my friends review a restaurant they go to and post a picture of them at the restaurant.  So post a photo of yourself at a dog friendly restaurant, along with a review (to post a review just press "write your own review").



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